Robinson Sonata & Trion Damper Actuators

Entrata Differential by-pass Valve

Sunlife Financial - HQ Carbon Dioxide Sensors

Eton Greenbelt Stairwell Pressurization System

SM Center Valenzuela Mall Operation Motorized Valve / Mulfunction Technology Actuator

Teradata Variable Air Volume / Temperature Controller

Petron Megaplaza Supply & Installations of Devices Interfacing
to Building management System

Robinson's Magnolia By-Pass System/ Motorized Valve

Solemare Parksuittes Stairwell Pressurization System

T.I. Baguio Carbon Dioxide RElative Humidity Sensor /
Room Temp Transmitter/ Duct Dewpoint Tranz

ZUELLIG Motorized Butterfly Valves/ Motorized Valve / Modulating

ZUELLIG Btu Meter / Backnet Interface

ZUELLIG Carbon Monoxide Sensors/ Heat Sensors

FAIRMONT BTU METER / Temperature Sensors

Mind Museum Variable Air Volume w/ Controller & Thermostat

SM 2 eCOM (MOA) Motorized Butterfly Valve

Convergys Baguio Spring Return Damper Actuator

Eton One Archers Place Spring Return Damper Actuator

Fairmont Hotel Motorized Valve

Serenda Carbon Monoxide Monitoring / Direct Digital Controller

ZUELLIG Damper Actuator

PROJECT X VAriable Air Volume Control & Monitoring System

SUNLIFE NOKIA Variable Air Volume w/ Controller & Thermostat

MIND MUSEUM Carbon Dioxide Transmitter

GSK CAINTA Smoke Detector/ Pressure Switch/
TEmp. Sensor/ Humidity Sensor/ Motorized Valve

DSM LEV 6 7 & 8 Motorized Valve/ FAn Coil Valve

GLORIETTA 1&2 Motorized Valve

SM CITY DASMARINAS MALL OPERATION Motorized Valve / Vac Modulating Acutator

IN-HOUSE Fire Detection Alarm / Fire Exit Monitoring & Alarm System

FAIRMONT Motorized Butterfly Valve

PHILLIPS SUNLIFE Stand-Alone Variable Air Volume


LEXMARK Motorized Valve

SM 2-E COM (MOA) Damper Actuator

J-MALL CEBU Water by-pass System

VARIOUS PROJECTS Motorized Valve / Modulating Actuator

WEST CONTACT - 33F Control System

ZUELLIG Motorized Damper Actuator / VAC

MIND MUSEUM Motorized Butterfly Valve / Actuator

TOWER - WATSON Stand Alone Vav Control

ADD'L ITEMS FOR ZUELLIG Stand Alone Vav Control

Meralco Variable Air Volume / Thermostat

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