Technical Support & Preventive Maintenance:

Basically, the essence of our presence in the Philippines is to support all of Enye products & systems.
We define support as "collective efforts of our staff & clients from project conceptualization, design,
commisioning, implementation up to warraty services" to assure a mutual benefit relationship with our market base.

"Enye is a controls company but first & foremost... . We are a client support organization !!"


Our direction is always innovation. Enye products tend to very user-friendly, simply designed to meet the
specific requirements and definitely technically advanced.

Above all, we beleive that our products should be highly efficient, reprogrammable to tailor fit customer's current needs but must be cost effective.


Enye Systems are based on multi-function technology. We are specific on system flexibility to adapt to the clients preferred operationbut at the same time, must be able to accomodate future changes. It is our intention to transfer our technology to our clients and as part of our turn-over process, we train the end-users to program the system at a programmer's level.

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